About us

About Us

Price Promise - We believe we offer not only the best next day service but offer an unbeatable combination of the highest quality products at the most competitive price. If you think you have found a "like 4 like" product at a better price, we would like to better that price or offer a superior product. Just call direct on 0208 236 2366 quote your price and we will see what we can do!!

Wood floors have been around for hundreds of years. Could it be possible to reinvent them?

No! Its all about the quality of the wood, where it comes from, how long has it been growing, how it has been cut, how it is stored, how it is milled, with what tools?, how it is moved around the world, how it is delivered to your door and how it is laid, to give you the satisfaction and be proud of a great wooden floor.

Some of our wood has been standing for hundreds of years in the Baltic peninsula; it’s almost classed as antique. Untouched by human hands (it’s possibly as old as the Ottoman Empire).

Our wood is cut in the traditional way, hand picked and treated with care. We use the finest quality hard wood that is very dense, which captures the finest beauty of the grain, which in turn gives you the highest quality wood floor.

We source our wood from all over the world and make sure we buy from all sustainable companies. We offer a wide choice of Solid and Engineered wood floors using various species, solid wood trims and skirting which is milled in the UK.

We also promote natural wood finishes using the Timberex range of natural oils and hard waxes and the Osmo hardwax oils. There are a variety of pigmentation that can be used to give that little extra difference to your finish.

At Vanilla Wood Floors we have a wealth of knowledge on most things wood and like to talk through and suggest to all our clients how and which product should be used on their particular project and no question is too large to answer.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and we continually strive to minimise the impact of our products on the environment. Not only is it the correct thing to do but it saves us money and we can in turn offer the savings on to you. All our waste packaging is used in some form of additional packaging but most of our boxes we use are 90% recycled materials, our sample jiffy padded parcel bags are 100% recycled material and our loose fill is 100% recycled polystyrene. We waste nothing at Vanilla Wood Floors and always source recycled materials for all packaging large or small.

We strongly recommend that you take up our offer of our wood samples prior to purchase to see the quality in your own home and feel free to ask for the natural woods to be finished in your particular hardwax oil, oil or pigmentation.