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Osmo Floor Brush

Osmo 150mm, 220mm or 400mm Floor Brush for the application of Osmo oils & stains
From £27.52

Osmo Post Fix

OSMOUK Post Fix is a strong, easy-to-use, and fast-setting solution that allows you to fix a post in a matter of minutes
From £10.74

SIKABOND 54 Wood Floor Adhesive

The SikaBond 54 Wood Floor comes in a 6.5 and 13kg tub and is a product that is spread on the subfloor direct for the wood floor to be laid.
From £70.80

Vanilla's Complete Slatted Underlay & Taylors Adhesive System

Slatted underlay & Taylors Flexible Wood Flooring Adhesive Sausages
From £126.00

FineFloor TechniBoard Underlay

TechniBoard’s ultra lightweight polystyrene makes it really easy to lift and move around, helping you get the job done quickly.The polystyrene also has high impact sound reduction – so it deadens any loud noise and makes the whole room quieter.
From £18.00

Osmo MS ADVANCE Flexible Trowel Grade Wood Flooring Adhesive

From £59.76

Osmo Natural Bristle Brush

Osmo Natural Bristle Brushes for the application of Osmo oils & stains
From £2.88

Osmo Repair Set

The repair set for wood flooring, laminate, high-quality furniture, windows and doors.
From £21.16

Pro tech underlay 1000 3mm x 10sqm Roll

Underlay with excellent impact sound insulation and damp proof membrane to both sides.
From £31.44

Quick Therm Underlay

QuickTherm Underlay is dust free meaning QuickTherm is cleaner and easier to install, with less clearing up needed afterwards. The PE foam is very eco-friendly, being 100% recyclable – so in the long run it’s better for the planet as well as your home!
From £36.24

Quick Therm Vapour Underlay

Quick Therm Vapour Underlay is dust-free installation means QuickTherm Vapour’s clean and easy to work with…and there’s less clearing up afterwards. 100% recyclable PE foam makes this underlay particularly eco-friendly and kinder to the environment.
From £42.24

TimberTech 2 Underlay

Timber Tech 2 Underlay With exceptional resistance to compression, TimberTech2 Silver provides solid and stable support even under the heaviest weight. The high tensile strength of TimberTech2 Silver gives it superior performance in any installation.
From £59.04