Barrier Underlay

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Barrier Underlay

Barrier Underlay

  • Protects against damp - with a clear printed vapour barrier on one side, Barrier effectively and economically stops moisture rising from the subfloor to keep your room dry.
  • Support against impact shock - Barrier gives your floor covering the perfect level of support, guarding against excess wear and even high impact damage – it feels good under your feet, too!
  • Light fantastic - while it’s no lightweight in performance, Barrier’s certainly easier and safer to lift and handle compared with many underlays – thanks to its ultra-lightweight PE foam.

With its built-in moisture barrier, this underlay has excellent resistance to fungi, mould and bacteria.

Being dust-free, Barrier’s cleaner and easier to install, with less clearing up needed afterwards.

With 100% recyclable polyethylene foam, this eco-friendly underlay looks after the environment in more ways than one.


  • Cushioning
  • Moisture Protection