Green Policy

Green Policy

Vanilla Wood Floors are making a conscious effort to make choices that are good for the environment. Choosing hardwood suppliers is no exception to that practice. Wood is a natural resource that is both renewable and recyclable. It is renewable since reforestation is achieved through professional forest management and correct harvesting.
Hardwood floors have superior longevity benefits over other floor coverings, such as carpet and vinyl. While old carpet and vinyl end up in a landfill site, simply refinishing can rejuvenate an old hardwood floor, to restore it to its natural freshly installed appearance. There is no reason that a solid hardwood floor can not outlive the life of the building.
Conservation of the environment is naturally of great importance to us at Vanilla Wood Floors, our aim is to ensure that all the wood used in our floors, comes from carefully managed sustainable forests.

The production of real wood flooring uses very little energy and our packaging for delivery is kept to an absolute minimum. We only offer our wooden floors to customer in their most natural state; they are not pre-treated with harmful finishes. We allow our customers to make their own choice on finishing, whether it is a varnish/ lacquer protective layer or penetrating oil or wax finish. However for ascetic and environmental reasons Vanilla Wood Floors recommend that our floors be finished with a natural oil or wax product.

At Vanilla Wood Floors we try and help with the environment by using recycled materials wherever possible. To witness our packing in action please watch the videos below.


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