Osmo Spray Cleaner - Interior

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Manufacturer: Osmo
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Spray solution for everyday cleaning and care of wood surfaces and floors.

Osmo Spray Cleaner is the ideal spray solution for everyday cleaning and maintenance - especially developed for oiled and waxed wood surfaces. It contains soaps based on natural oils. The wood does not dry out from cleaning. The water-soluble ingredients prevent streaks and do not form a layer. Especially mild on skin, free of dyes and aromas, biodegradable, free of solvents and emissions, and thus supports a healthy living environment.

Key Information

  • Product code: 8026
  • Drying time: Cloth to wipe dry
  • Sizes: 0.500L spray bottle


  • Highly effective cleaning Maintains protected surfaces without wear of treatment
  • Easy to use for regular use
  • Moisturises the wood's surface to maintain freshness
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial use
  • Suitable for all woods including exotic woods


In domestic households, for worktops and tables - we recommend to use regularly, usually once a week is sufficient.

For commercial and public buildings, in kitchens and dining areas - we recommend to use daily.

Only damply apply to avoid damages.

Ideal for maintaining wood surfaces treated with Osmo TopOil.

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