Bona Mega Finish Lacquer
Bona Mega Finish Lacquer


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Bona Mega Finish Lacquer


A clear, water-based, ready-to-use polyurethane floor varnish for heavy domestic or light commercial environments.

Bona Mega revolutionised the world of wooden coatings in 1995 with its pioneering crosslinking technology in a waterborne formula. Today, Bona Mega still holds a unique position on the market due to its innovative formula that reacts with oxygen, giving the benefits of a two component product.

Containing vegetable oils, a renewable resource, Bona Mega is a sustainable choice for the future. 8 million kilos of CO2 emissions have been saved through the unique Bona Mega process. Now the range has a further innovation – Bona Mega Extra Matt – giving you that pure matt wooden look.

  • Comes in Gloss, Silkmatt, Matt, Extra Matt.
  • One component crosslinking technology.
  • The finish has a very low gloss level which makes it look almost invisible and resemble natural wood.
  • Excellent flow and levelling.
  • Proven track record, still unique after 28 million litres and 136 million m2 covered.
  • Partly made of renewable resources.
  • NMP-free.
  • EC1 classification.
Weight N/A
Colour / Sheen: Gloss

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Size: 1 Litre



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