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Gaia Engineered Brushed, Silver Haze Stained & Hardwax Oiled Rustic Oak VG6


The Gaia Collection comprises of special colours created with a combination of traditional colouring techniques. The oak top layer is lightly brushed to form a relief of the natural grain. Lye is then hand applied to the oak surface which reacts with the natural acids in the wood and bleaches the surface preventing the oak from discolouring. The result if a textured surface to which layers of colour oil are applied to create deep lustred boards with a distinctive grain.

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Gaia Engineered Brushed, Frozen Umber Stained & Hardwax Oiled Rustic Oak can be installed as a floating floor or fully bonded to the subfloor with flooring adhesive. It is ideal for use over underfloor heating. 

Weight 30 kg


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