Junckers Maintenance Oil Clear 2.5l Formerly Rustic Topoil
Junckers Maintenance Oil Clear 2.5L formerly Rustic TopOil


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Junckers Maintenance Oil Clear 2.5L formerly Rustic TopOil


Junckers Maintenance Oil – Ultra Matt – Waterbased Aqueous Alkyd Oil

3 in stock

A surface maintainer for use on floors which have been treated with Junckers Rustic Floor Oil or Junckers Hardwax Floor Oil.

Junckers Maintenance Oil is easy to apply and fast drying so the floor is ready for use after 30 to 60 minutes.

The oil protects the surface, restores a uniform sheen to the floor and reduces the effects of scratches and abrasions.

Junckers Maintenance Oil formerly Rustic Top Oil has received the Danish Indoor Climate Labelling. A product with this labelling has undergone extensive volatile emission and odour tests. This ensures that there are no chemical substances in the product which adversely affect the air quality in the room.


Coverage: 30-50 m² per litre.

Before application: Shake/stir well before use.

Application tools: Flat cotton floor mop or cotton floor cloth.

Substrate temperature: Minimum 15 ¬įC.

Dilution: Not recommended.

Drying time at 20 ¬įC and 50 % RH: Ready for light traffic after 30-60 minutes. Fully cured after 24 hours.

Cleaning of tools: Soap and water immediately after use.

Storage: Lasts for 2 years if unopened and stored at 20 ¬įC.¬†Not to be exposed to temperatures below 5 ¬įC.

Before using the product, read the label on the container carefully and observe the recommended precautionary measures. See Material Safety Data Sheet for detailed information.

As part of a global rebranding exercise, there have been changes to the Junckers product names of all products, this is a name change ONLY. None of the formulations or products have changed and this is purely related to global marketing.

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