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Osmo Maintenance Kit for Oiled Wood Floors


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Osmo Maintenance Kit for Oiled Wood Floors


An easy maintenance kit for floors . Contains Wash and Care, Liquid Wax Cleaner , Active Fibre Clothes, Maintenance Instructions

2 in stock


Complete set for the care and maintenance of floors treated with Osmo Polyx®-Oil. Contains Osmo Wash and Care for regular cleaning, Liquid Wax Cleaner for occasional intensive cleaning and refreshing. Maintenance cloths and instructions are also included.


  • For refreshing and maintaining white coloured surfaces, use Liquid Wax Cleaner 3087 White instead of 3029.
  • Over application of the finishing products can create a slippery surface, this can be reduced after damp-mopping with Osmo Wash and Care.
  • High traffic areas such as floors require regular maintenance, this will depend on the amount of use the floor will get. Regular cleaning can mean daily for commercial use or weekly for domestic use.
  • Multi-purpose cleaners such as washing up liquids and detergents are highly detrimental to the finished surface and is not recommended to be used as discolouration or staining may be possible.
  • Other household cleaning products such as vanish, bleach, baking soda etc. are likely to cause severe discolouration or staining.

  Product Information – Liquid Wax Cleaner

   Product Information – Wash & Care

  Safety Information – Liquid Wax Cleaner

  Safety Information – Wash & Care

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