6602 Tannin Spot Remover
Osmo Tannin Spot Remover 250ml


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Osmo Tannin Spot Remover 250ml


Highly effective removal of black spots on wood species containing tannic acid (Oak).

6 in stock

Tannin Spot Remover effectively removes black spots caused by acid/water reaction.

  • Ready mixed
  • Simple application
  • For small areas
  • Requires additional treatment

Surface Preparation: Remove debris and dirt from the surface. Tannin Spot Remover is ready to use. Do not thin. Before applying, test Osmo Tannin Spot Remover on substrate. (Trial application required!)

Methods of Application: Spray Osmo Tannin Spot Remover evenly onto the spot until the surface is completely covered. Allow product to react for 30-45 minutes and wipe with a lint-free cloth. If necessary, repeat and then wipe clean with clear water. After drying, apply a suitable Maintenance Oil on the treated area, so that the wood is protected again.

Drying time: Before applying a new coating, allow the wood to dry thoroughly (approx. 24-48 hours). Lower temperatures and/or higher air humidity may increase drying times.

Note: Protect metal (e.g. furniture hardware) and plants against direct contact (e.g. cover farm and ornamental plants with a tarpaulin or place out of reach).


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