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Sika Primer MB


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Sika Primer MB


Sika Primer MB is a product that can speed up the drying process of subfloors.  This moisture barrier protects against any moisture in the sub floor.

Used in conjunction with SikaBond Wood Flooring Adhesives for:

* Moisture control
* Substrate consolidation
* Adhesion promotion

Coverage / Usage Approx: 0.5kg/m² (1 coat)

Characteristics and Advantages

* Solvent free
* Easy to apply
* Allows faster completion
* Good penetration and stabilisation of the substrate
* Reduction of adhesion consumption
* No broadcasting of the primer necessary
* Suitable for use with subfloor heating

Colour Blue tint

It can also be used just as a surface primer

Special note: For full details on application, including curing time, number of coats required and time between coats, please read the instructions on the product information sheet below.

  Product Information

  Safety Information

Weight 6 kg
Size: 5KG



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