Osmo Stone And Terracotta Oil
Osmo Stone and Terracotta Oil


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Osmo Stone and Terracotta Oil


Osmo STONE AND TERRACOTTA OIL Ideal for protecting microporous stone and terracotta surfaces

Clear, satin natural oil impregnation penetrates in the microporous surface and will not form a film on the surface. Through the impregnation with Osmo Stone and Terracotta Oil, the microporous surface becomes water and dirt repellent as well as stain-resistant. Dust resulting from screed and concrete surfaces is greatly reduced.
Recommended use:
Osmo Stone and Terracotta Oil is suitable for the clear impregnation of microporous natural stone with a polished, sanded or break surface and artificial stone in outdoor areas. Especially suited for paving and window sills made of granite as well as limestone and slate.
Surface Preparation: The surface must be absorbent, clean, dry and frostfree. Osmo Stone and Terracotta Oil is ready to use; do not thin. Stir well.
Methods of Application:
With Osmo Flat Brush, Floor Brush, Oil Finish Applicator Fleece (Hand Pad Holder) or Microfibre Roller, apply very thinly and spread well. Remove any excess product (pooling or streaking) with a pad or a lint-free cloth. For larger areas, remove excess oil with a rubber scraper and polish with a buffing machine (white pad). Important: the liquid oil must be absorbed into the surface. There must not be any oil left on the surface. Allow to dry for 8-10 hours. Ventilate well while drying. Apply the second coat also very thinly. Again, remove any excess. When renovating already oiled surfaces, normally one coat on a cleaned surface is sufficient.
Drying time:
Approx. 8-10 hours (normal climatic conditions, 23 ¬įC/50 % rel. humidity). Ventilate well while drying. Lower temperatures and/or higher air humidity may increase drying times.
Product coverage for 1 coat is 32 m²/1 l. It depends significantly on the character of the surface. All information refers to smooth and planed/cut surfaces. Other surfaces may lead to deviations in coverage.
Cleaning of tools:
With Osmo Brush Cleaner (free of aromatic compounds).
Oils enhance the natural colour of the substrate (permanent wet effect). Trial application is absolutely essential! Impregnation may influence the slip resistance of the original surfaces. White or very light-coloured stone/surface may yellow slightly as result of the oil treatment!The acid sensitivity of the stone (e.g. marble) remains unaffected. Non-absorbent surfaces, such as glass, glazed tiles or ceramic, cannot be treated (impregnated). Substrates sensitive to solvents (e.g. plastics such as Plexiglas) must be protected. A lack of ventilation leads delays in drying.

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