Woca Intensive Wood Cleaner Spray
WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner Spray 750ml


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WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner Spray 750ml


A ready to use spray for the cleaning of all interior woodwork prior to re-oiling

Intensive Cleaner is a unique ready-to-use spray for the all-round cleaning of all interior wood work such as furniture, staircases, doors, panels and worktops independently whether the surfaces are oiled, waxed or lacquered. It provides an excellent cleaning and removes the most difficult dirt, grease and stains and is fast and simple to apply.

How to apply 

1. Before use, shake bottle of Intensive Cleaner carefully

2. Spray the Intensive Cleaner onto the surface.

3. Leave solution to dissolve stain and dirt etc.

4. Wipe surface dry with a firmly wrung cotton cloth. Leave surface to dry. Maintenance: Oiled surfaces are re-oiled with one of the WOCA oils.

Waxed surfaces are re-oiled with the WOCA Maintenance Paste. Lacquered Surfaces are rejuvenated with WOCA Lacquer Care. Please note: Don’t use microfiber.

Tip: If extremely difficult stain, we also recommend WOCA Spot Remover.

Woca Intensive Cleaner Product Information


Weight 0.9 kg
Size: 750ml


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