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PAPER TIGER® SINGLE HEAD Paper Tiger® Single Head has unique patented scoring wheels that perforate and dissolve the adhesive. Cutting through several layers of wallpaper without damaging the walls with its automatic depth control. It tears and lifts small pieces of the wallpaper surface making removal quick and easy.

Product Overview

The multi-directional Paper Tiger® Single Head is fast and easy to use. Score an entire room in minutes with the tiger Claw’s unique design.

In 1985, Zinsser introduced a tool that answered the need for a better way to perforate waterproof wallcoverings. Paper Tiger® was as revolutionary advance in its field as DIF® was in remover solutions. With Paper Tiger® scoring became faster, easier and safer for both worker and the wall.

Paper Tiger® Single Head is easy to use, just by making circular movements across or up and down the wall to score the wallcovering. It penetrates through without damage to the wall itself. Other perforating devices use spikes which gouge drywall or plaster and cause unnecessary repairs to be made. The Paper Tiger® Single Head follows the contour of the wall including hollow areas or textured wallcovering surfaces. The cutter assembly self-aligns to both the wall and the direction of travel, thereby allowing the tool to be moved in any direction the user desires.

Paper Tiger® will not rust, corrode, or wear out. The hardened steel teeth remain sharp for many rooms of wallpaper removal.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Scores an entire room in minutes
  • Perforates wallcovering to allow wallpaper removal solutions to penetrate
  • Will not damage walls
  • Eliminates the need for steamers
  • Follows the contours of a wall


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