WOCA Clean & Care Kit for Laminated & Lacquered Floors

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Manufacturer: WOCA Denmark
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WOCA Vinyl & Lacquer Clean & Care Kit

WOCA Maintenace Box for PVC, Laminated & Lacquered Surfaces contains everything you need to clean and to rejuvenate your lacquered floor, is made for all lacquered surfaces and is especially suitable for the regular maintenance. WOCA Maintenance Box for Lacquered Floors strengthens the lacquer as it protects against wear and scratches and hereby prolongs the lifetime of the lacquered surface and does not build up a thick layer on the floor surface as the old layer is renewed with the next application.

Kit Contains:

  • 1L Woca Master Vinyl & Lacquer Care
  • 1L Woca Master Vinyl & Lacquer Cleaner
  • 250ml Intensive Cleaner
  • Applicator Pad
  • 1 x Woca Lint Free Cloths

 Woca Lacquer Maintenance Brochure

 Woca Wood Cleaner Safety Data Sheet

 Woca Vinyl & Lacquer Care Product Info

 Woca Vinyl & Lacquer Soap Product Info


Why is this a secret?
My lacquered floor was installed 6 years ago. The only cleaning product I purchased previously was an off the supermarket shelf product. As a result of this unintended neglect my floor was very stained and in poor condition. Much improvement was evident after using this product but it is too late for proper prevention and maintenance. If only this product was advertised on TV or in home magazines, or promoted by flooring suppliers. If I had known how to care for my floors I would have done so. I am happy with the product but extremely unhappy that there was no publicised consumer information. So many people have hardwood floors and need to know about this.
Lisa | 07/12/2021