WOCA Denmark

Wooden flooring, furniture, worktops, claddings, sheds, deckings, you name it. It all needs protection to stay beautiful and last long. WOCA are passionate about developing and manufacturing products and solutions for pre-treatment, basic finishing, cleaning, care and maintenance of wood and other surfaces. They are striving to do their best and create only the most exceptional products and solutions

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WOCA Intensive Wood Cleaner

A generic wood cleaner, ideal for cleaning all kinds of surfaces.
From £9.00

WOCA Antique Lye 2.5L

WOCA Antique Wood Lye is used for lye priming of unfinished or newly sanded Oak floors or woodwork.
From From £33.60

WOCA Exterior Oil

Exterior Oil to be used outdoor for basic treatment and maintenance of new and previously oiled wood surfaces
From £24.90

WOCA DoodleBug Holder

For the easy application of Woca wood care flooring finishes
From £26.82

WOCA Diamond Oil

Diamond Oil is used for oil finishing of wooden floors with floor machine. The oil ensures an extremely hard-wearing, dirt and water repellent surface. Diamond Oil is ideal for basic finishing of any unfinished, new and newly sanded interior woodwork. Content of solvent is less than 1%. Floor machine is recommended for the polishing of bigger areas.
From £55.40

WOCA Clean & Care Kit for Laminated & Lacquered Floors

WOCA Vinyl & Lacquer Clean & Care Kit
From £48.12

Woca Invisible Primer 1L

Woca Invisible Primer 1L
From £25.30

WOCA Natural Soap Spray 0.75L

WOCA Natural Soap Spray for cleaning and maintenance of oiled, waxed and soaped wood surfaces
From £10.07

WOCA Oil Refreshing Soap

WOCA Oil Refresher Natural is used for regular cleaning and maintenance of oiled wood floors
From £20.29

WOCA Maintenance Kit for Natural Oiled Floors

All in one box, everything you need to clean and to rejuvenate your oiled wooden floor
From £52.99

Woca Oil Refreshing Soap Spray 0.75L

Oil Refreshing Soap combines efficient cleaning with re-oiling as addition oil is penetrating into the wood of the floor forming a matt protective layer in the surface.
From £10.07

WOCA Natural Soap

WOCA Natural Soap for cleaning and maintenance of oiled, waxed and soaped wood surfaces
From £15.04